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5 Top Tips For Online Dating In 2022

1. Take a Leap of Faith!

True, there can be a stigma associated with online dating. However, 20% of current, committed relationships began online. Some people believed they were above it; others were scared that their "friends" would see them on the app, and still, others simply didn't think it was for them. Take a chance and be daring. There are countless stories of those people who thought they couldn't do it, but sometimes it only takes one person to find the “one”

2. Creating Your Online Dating Profile Should Be Taken Seriously.

Make sure your profile accurately reflects your personality. Use your best pics, but make sure they reflect who you are now, not who you were 20 years ago.

3. Be Truthful to Yourself

You must be honest with yourself about whether you are searching for casual dating or something more serious. It's OK to be open about your intentions.

4. Don’t Bring up Your Ex

Have a cheerful demeanor for at least the first three dates. Wait a while before sharing the experiences you faced with your ex, and just see if you can just have a good time together. Why bring up past relationships? Don't bring up past relationships, whether they are good or terrible experiences, leave them at the door, there will be plenty of time to share if you guys hit it off. There are couples who are celebrating 30/40/50 years of marriage. The common theme that these couples say is that laughter is a major part of their successful formula.

5. It’s a Numbers Game Baby!

Some say online dating isn’t a substitute for going out but going on a number of speed dates on Virtual Speed Date can drastically improve your chances of finding your next partner. You've got 3 mins to decide if you would like to match with that person. If you've had a decent convo and you're tempted to say "no," we say "YES" - GO FOR IT. You simply need to meet one person who has the potential to completely transform your life. You never know where it will occur or when it will occur!

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